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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brentwood 2014 Part 3 - Projects

The one thing I love about going to Brentwood every year is to see all the different projects that everyone is working on.  It's always so interesting to see everyone's taste and colour selections of projects;  some people use various types of hoops and some prefer to use the sewing method. Almost all of these projects are a work in progress, so of course they have wrinkles, hoop prints and no frames.  Let's take a look ... 





I had to share this story because it made me laugh right out loud when it happened. This particular project is one that Trish has been working on for a few years so we were so excited to see it finished, framed and hung on the wall for us all to see.  I was standing there looking at all the intricate work when I noticed there were red squiggly lines underneath some of the locations within the map.  So I said, "What are the red squiggly lines?"  Smartass Jayne just happened to be walking by just at that moment and she very casually answered, "Spellcheck"  !!

After we finished laughing, Trish explained that the lines were all places she has visited.

Another project that Trish brought to share with us as a little apron she made out of all her children's faded jeans.  How Sweet is This ?? !! 

I love this !

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed all these projects.  Just makes you want to sit and stitch all day doesn't it? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brentwood 2014 Part 2 - Trinkets Galore

Each year we, The Four from Forest, like to make some little trinket for The Stitching Sisters as a token of our friendship and a memorable keepsake of Brentwood; and we are always pleasantly surprised with something in return.  This year we decided to create tile coasters of some cross stitch patterns with some rubber stamps that Anita found in her travels and Tracey found the tiles at a local ‘Re-Store’ which sales go to the local Habitat for Humanity housing.  I was quite surprised at just how easy this craft was to make.   

First we cleaned the tiles ... and ate some candy ....
...then we ate some candy ...and cleaned more tiles.
The stamps were inked and carefully placed over the tile.
A sprinkle of "magic dust" covers the entire inked area.
Excess dust is carefully shaken off.
Bake in the oven and when finished and cooled, the ink will puff up.

When we added the finishing touches we attached a little poem that we had a contest to see who could rhyme it off after a few glasses or two of wine.
Treasures for everyone !!
One of our trinkets was made by Jayne.
She loves snowmen and when you take off his little hat, he becomes an Ort Jar.
Here's hoping this little poem adds to the warmth of this coming winter and it's bitter cold forecast.

This pretty little scissor case, done in our traditional Brentwood colours were created by Freida and Kerry.  Thanks so much ladies !!
The other side of the scissor case was in tribute in memory of Patti, one of The Stitching Sisters.
This ADORABLE picture is Patti when she was little. 
A few years ago we played a photo game at Brentwood and everyone submitted a picture of when they were little and we had to guess who each other was.

Even though we only knew her for a few years, Patti is dearly missed by everyone and will remain in our memory forever. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Miss Scarlet Claire and Sushi

For all you faithful followers, I just thought I would post a 'quickie' of the latest picture of Little Miss Scarlet Claire and Sushi. 

Some of you may have followed the Growth Chart of my first grandchild with my crazy cat.  If you happened to miss it, you can read about it here

Year one was a blast with these two photogenic little hams; that is until the last few months when Scarlet got a little more active and Sushi wasn't so inclined to be still beside her.  Year two proved to be too much of a challenge as it just aggravated me more and more to get them both to sit still.  It just wasn't meant to be. 

Today however, I was able to grab the camera on time. 

For some reason the name Falcor comes to mind.
(  let's see how many of you 'get that' )

One of these days I'm going to create a photobook of these two, but... I'll wait a little longer until Scarlet can really appreciate it.  Right now, she eats her books; that and anything else made of cardboard or paper. It's imperative that someone changes the empty toilet paper roll before she finds it !! 


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brentwood 2014 Part 1 - Twiggy

Our annual Cross Stitch Retreat to Brentwood on the Beach with The Stitching Sisters is the highlight of our year.  We cannot wait to spend our 4 days together with our nonstop gabbing, stitching, laughing and sharing time with our wonderful friends we met a few short years ago.  

This year we had a new visitor; ‘VISITOR’ being the key word here.   In case you’ve forgotten our silly tag line of ‘You Can Visit, But You Can’t Join!’, just click on the link so you can read about it.   Thanks to Jody’s sister Holly for helping to provide us with this phrase as it has gotten a lot of mileage, laughs and shocking responses.  

Jody immediately fell in love with a turtle from the Scentsy collection that Anita’s daughter sells;  Jacinda has recently taken up cross stitching and is often reminds us... ‘I know, I know – I can visit, but I can’t join!’ -- Well -- this year Jody decided to bring Twiggy to Brentwood so he could sit with us and we could enjoy his scented sachet turtle shell.   Twiggy was promptly set in place as we sat down to stitch, but something just wasn’t right.  Jody realized he needed something to stitch too, so she remedied that quickly and just when we thought we were ready to settle in to stitching, Anita realized that Twiggy needed to borrow her glasses.  So she remedied That quickly too. 

Just when we thought we were ready to settle in to stitching again, Jody said, “Wait!  We have to get his picture!”  Anita put her things down and took the picture.  And just when we thought we were ready to settle in to stitching again, Jody said, “Wait! Anita – you have to send the picture to Jacinda to show her Twiggy is stitching!”   Anita uploaded the picture.  And just when we thought we were ready to send the photo Jody said, “WAIT!  You have to tell Jacinda ‘LOOK WHO GOT TO JOIN’!!” (laughter upon laughter)  Picture Sent!   And just when we thought we were ready to start stitching again, the reply from Jacinda came in, “He can VISIT!!  He only gets to VISIT.”   Stitching … still on hold until we could compose ourselves. 

If Twiggy had any reservations about joining visiting that weekend, they were soon gone once he realized there was much more to do than sit around stitching and with a bunch of ladies.  
Hey mom!  I found some new friends.
Hey mom!  I bet you can't find me ....

Hey mom!  Stop stitching and come and find me again.
Hey mom!  You'll never find me this time.
mmmmm Werthers.
I wonder how many I can eat before she finds me.

Hey mom!  I found my very own hammock.
Hey look mom!  I found my own wrecking ball.
Hey mom... can we make a video of me if I
promise to leave my clothes shell on?
Hey look mom!  Anita made this really pretty blanket and it kind of looks like my shell.
Do you think if I ask her really nice she will make me
a winter coat that looks just like this?
ahhhhhhhh I think I'll take a nap.
Hey mom!  Look at these Lily of the Valley flowers
that Bonnie brought.
They smell really nice, Just Like ME.
Hey mom!  Is it time for dinner yet?
I'm huuunnnggrrryyyy.
Hey mom!  Can I check my email?

Hey mom look!
Hey mom!  Did you know Brentwood wrote a book?
Hey mom!  What does pleasure mean and why does it ride a bus?
I heard dad say something before about a pleasure ride, but I didn't know it rode a bus.
I thought only kids rode a bus to school.  I know...
I'll ask my brothers when I get home.
Hey mom!  I found some shells.
Can I try on a new shell? 
Can I?  Huh?  Can I?
This shell is too heavy.  Mommmm - it's squishin' me.
Mom?  Mommm?

Hey mom!  Do you want to play a game with me?
How can you resist my adorable smile?
Can we send this picture to Jacinda too?
Hey mom! 
They got lots of neat games here we can play.
huh?  What do you mean you came here to stitch?
Hey mom!  Can I have some candy?
Wow! Look at this giant bag of M&Ms. It's almost as big as me.
Hey mom!  I"m going to hang outside for awhile and get some sun.
Hey mom! 
Look, I can slide down the banister all my myself!

Ahhhh thanks Mom!
 Thanks for taking off my shell...

That feels better.
Hey mom!
Trish is going to teach us how to make her famous
1-2-3-4 Biscuits. YUMMY!
Now you can make these at home ALL the time.
Wow Mom.  We've only been here an hour and
I can't believe all the things there are to do. 
Thanks for letting me join visit.
Hey mom, I like watching you stitch.
Hey mom!
I found my very own pool with a fountain and Everything.
Hey mom! 
I found this really big bed and there's even a place for my shell.

Four days later....

Hey Mom!  Can I drive home?
No Twiggy.
awwwwwww !!

Hey Mom!  Can I hang out the window on the way home?
No Twiggy.
awwwww !!!!
I Never get to do anything I want!

Hey Mom!
Are we there yet?

As you can see Twiggy had a pretty good time during his visit to Brentwood. I wonder if Jody will be taking this little rascal to all the cross stitch outings.  We do after all have another one coming up in a few weeks.....

Stay tuned for more from Brentwood.